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Check the current status of your DMV Car Dealer License

TriStar Motors is the oldest & largest car dealer school in California. DMV Certified since 1998. We need a copy of your photo ID and we need a copy of your dealers license for renewal. Text your documents to: 415-730-3137 Fax: 1-888-948-1795 Email: tsm974@gmail.com or call 800-901-5950 and we will take care of you.

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Song Beverly As – Is Stickers

AS-IS Vehicle Sale Every sale of a vehicle that is governed by the provisions of The Song Beverly Act, sold on an “as is” or “with all faults” basis, made in compliance with the provisions of this Act, shall constitute a waiver by the buyer of the implied warranty of merchantability and, where applicable, of […]

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Avoid the sales pitch dealer class

Avoid a 6 hour sales pitch Avoid an attorney pretending to know the business Avoid the retired DMV inspectors who have no experience REAL Car Dealer School began in 1998 REAL Dealers REAL Answers Get Licensed with the Professionals 800-901-5950

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Private Class to Become a Licensed DMV Registration Agent

The California DMV requires you obtain a license to become a California DMV Registration Agent The California DMV requires you to pass an inspection to become a licensed DMV Registration Agent The California DMV requires a completed application to grant a temporary DMV Registration Agent license We offer training to learn all aspects of licensed […]

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