used car dealers must make sure to follow the federal lemon law

The Federal Lemon Law: How Well Does Your Dealership Understand the Rules? Only dealership customers with warranties are protected under the Federal Lemon Law. You undoubtedly take a lot of pride in your dealership and the inventory you offer. However, whenever you are selling cars — especially used cars — no matter how careful you …

how to order dmv forms for used car dealer paperwork

+++++ · Label a thick 3 ring binder as your dealer book. This book will hold for all updates sent by the DMV, all ROS forms you might have to void & your broker log. +++++· For registration forms: How to Order Forms in Bulk Quantities Requests must be submitted on business letterhead. The request …

small private classes to become a licensed used car dealer in california

are you ready to get licensed?? we can show you how to quickly obtain your dealer plates, qualify for dealer auction access, bind coverage of dealer fleet insurance, qualify for your used car dealer surety bond we have additional private class training to become a licensed dmv registration agent or to become a licensed dmv verification agent …

private party CAR BUYERS are buying blind…run a salvage title check + recall check


how to order dmv forms for used car dealer paperwork

santa rosa car dealer school attorney