Month: March 2021

DealerForms101 StarterKit

Open a dealership Retail Forms Starter Kit $75. +++++ LEARN HOW TO BECOME A CALIFORNIA RETAIL USED CAR DEALER 800-901-5950 #realcardealerschool +++++

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NOT another retired DMV inspector pretending to be a car dealer

You will need: DMV livescan DMV dealer class certificate of completion DMV score of 28 or higher on the 40 question DMV examination ***** we are in constant contact with DMV licensing advocating for our car dealer license clients our competition offers low quality low priced dealer training often focused on selling not teaching our […]

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2021 Car Dealer School

Are you shopping price?? If you are shopping price look to our low cost competition to deliver your DMV pre-license certificate of completion for the lowest price. Are you shopping value?? If you are shopping value come have a look at our car dealer training website. We offer the best value for your training dollar. […]

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