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If you are inspired to open a new wholesale dealership business in California, there are a few administrative and financial steps that you will have to take first. Becoming a wholesale dealer is different from new or used auto dealers, as these businesses sell vehicles directly to the general public. As a wholesale dealer, your activity boils down only to selling to other car dealers. You can purchase the vehicles from car auctions or from other car dealers. The sales limit in California is 24 vehicles per year with the minimal bond of $ 10,000 and if you sell 25 or more you need the $50,000 bond.

Obtaining a wholesale dealer license in California is a complicated process, it is good to be prepared and informed about the various steps and requirements. Read on for some useful tips on how to tackle the licensing and how to save time and money on the requirements.

Just the basics

Naturally, the first place to start your licensing endeavor is the California Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Reading carefully through the Application Check List will give you a thorough idea of the required documents and fees.

California DMV

California DMV Occupational Licensing
When you are ready to meet the requirements, you can proceed with the Application for Original Occupational License and the rest of the paperwork found on the checklist.

DMV Licensing procedure

You will also have to undergo a Dealer Education Program and receive a Certificate of Completion.

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The licensing process includes completing the Personal History Questionnaire

You must provide a copy of your Fictitious Business Name Statement.

Zoning approval, even for a home based office location for wholesale dealers is required.

You must provide a rental or lease agreement for a physical space or a proof of ownership.

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You must get bonded

The wholesale dealer surety bond for the State of California will be $10,000 for wholesale less than 24 cars per year and $ 50,000 for wholesale of 25 cars per year or more.

 You will need to supply a signed copy of the original in your application package.

The car dealer bond is a protection for your clients and for the state. The car dealer bond functions as a guarantee that your business will pay all of its obligations of sales & use tax, dmv fees and ANY judge’s order to pay. Failure to comply with all applicable state regulations could result in bond activation which requires immediate repayment to the bonding company.

The bond price is a percentage of the car dealer bond amount. Your application will determine your car dealer bond price and is based on your personal credit.

Car Dealer Bond Application

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